RE: Desired features?

From: Brantley Hobbs (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 15:52:17 CEST

> The released version (0.6.2) does not have any way to change
> parameters
> dynamically: you're stuck with the ones pen was started with.
> Stopping and
> restarting will lose all client sessions.
> The version sitting on my disk has a configuration interface
> which listens
> for commands on a tcp port. That allows most things to be
> changed on the
> fly, including max connections for servers. Look out for it
> in a few days,
> maybe this weekend.

So, just to be clear, this functionality for drainstopping will be available when your new release is ready? You would then just set the max connections to zero and pen will continue to allow "sticky" IP's to connect, but not connect any new IP's?

> Pen is very light. If you're going to run Pen on a dedicated box, any
> semi-recent PC will do for that kind of load. You'll need a
> decent CPU and
> network card(s).

In your experience, would a 350 MHz P2 w/128MB RAM be capable of handling 500,000 hits per day?

> Ulric

Thanks for the prompt response.


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