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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 18:17:56 CEST

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I'm a little confused as to how the command line arguments are used with the mergelog utility that comes with pen.

The man page states that the files to merge are specified in the 'server:logfile' format. I don't understand this format. Is the 'server:' part the name of the server that the logfile came from? Is this used to connect to the server and fetch the file automatically? I'm struggling a little with the notation. I guess the main question would be: Is everything after the colon the name of the logfile that belongs to the server specified before the colon? For example: <server_this_log_came_from>:<path_to_the_logfile_for_that_server>. Can someone clarify this?

Also, how does one specify the time for the -t option if you are behind UTC? I tried to use '-t -16000', but I was unable to get any logs to merge. Although that could be because of the first question that I asked.

Thanks for your help,
Brantley Hobbs
Application Developer
University of Georgia - Information and Technology Outreach Services
Athens, Georgia, USA

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