Pen 0.7.0 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 23:49:54 CEST

This release contains numerous enhancements and bugfixes by Andreas Wrede.
See blurb below.

It has been tested by me on Linux (libc5 and libc6), Solaris and Windows
NT4 and by Andreas on ???BSD.

Perhaps the most important change is one that might take care of the
"garbled" connections described in
Simply put, if a client started downloading a large file but closed the
connection before it was done, the rest of the file would be sent to the
next client using the same entry in the connection table.

Other changes include memory and file descriptor leakage, and better
readability in html logs.



020528 Several enhancements and bugfixes by Andreas Wrede:
        In webstats: changed CLIENTS_MAX to clients_max and
        CONNECTIONS_MAX to connections_max.
        Show time in human-readable format rather than seconds since 1970.
        Changed byte counters from unsigned long to unsigned long long.
        Fixed file descriptor leak: The connection wasn't closed when
        the connection table was full.
        Moved stats generation and log restart out of the signal handlers
        and into the main loop.
        If a client went away before receiving all its data (large files),
        the remaining portion would be sent to the next client occupying
        the same slot.
        Added pointers in connection structure to avoid having to memcpy
        the buffers in flush_up/flush_down.
        Released 0.7.0.

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