near-full server gives patchy response

From: Robert Wilhite (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 19:31:55 CEST

Thanks, Andreas, for the "busy signal" code. This is sorta related
to that, but probably a bit more complicated to implement....

What changes would be needed to have Pen take all the connections
coming from a single client, however many connections there happen to
be, and consider them all to be a single client (for purposes of load

Here's the situation: I configured Pen 0.6.3 to limit the number of
clients on each server. When the server pool is near its limit, the
last few clients display an incomplete web page. A client (Netscape
or IE) makes multiple connections to fetch all the buttons and doodads
on the page. Some of those connections are concurrent (or overlap a
bit), and Pen ends up rejecting some of them. The result is a page
displayed with various bits and pieces missing.

(Any other ideas on how to handle this type of activity in a near-
full server pool? Per-IP-address connection queueing? (Ugh! :-p))

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