using multiple pen servers to backup each other

From: Torsten Valentin (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 14:39:53 CEST


Unfortunately I could not find any documentation about how to make
serveral machines running pen redundant. The manual says there's vrrp
but I couldn't find no hint on how to do this and how it exactly works.

So my questions are:

If there is a documentation for how to set up two or more physical
machines running pen and backing up each other, where can I find it?

If not, I have the following questions:

How does this backup work exactly? Say we have 2 machines which shall
work as load-balancer. PEN1 and PEN2. PEN1 is the machine our DNS
A-Record for points to. PEN2 has some other IP. Does
PEN2 talk to PEN1 and see if PEN1 responds properly on some ports? What
if PEN1 fails? Does PEN2 take the IP of PEN1 (by utilizing ifconfig)?

Thx in advance!


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