Re: HTTP Accelarator

From: Fernando Ibanez (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 19:46:24 CEST

> Why would you want to put such a thing in pen? They both serve two
> separate and unrelated functions. If you want to cache your pages, use
> jpcache (if you use PHP) or other apps like it.

In some situations the reason to use pen would be complimented
by a caching mechanism. Pen is used for more than just web,
so for other than web, no it is not related at all.

For somebody that is load balancing several servers from
different ISPs, in other words, traffic accross networks
is a slowing factor, a caching mechanism would aliviate a
lot of redundant traffic.

If you use pen for web balancing, and a front end to servers
in your own network, a caching mechanism may not be such
a big concern. I already use jpcache on each of my servers,
which aliviates load on the database servers, pen + a caching
mechanism would aliviate network traffic as well.


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