Pen Usage and Testimonials

From: Jason Ledford <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 13:11:43 -0400

I am trying to implement pen and plan to cluster it for
high-availibility. The people that approve my project don't know enough
about pen to say yes and I am looking to you folks for some help. If
anyone has any large installs using pen please let me know. Also if you
could let me know of the success of your install. Basically I am
looking for peoples opinion in using this in a mission critical place.
We are going to cluster the load-balancer so the plan is to have plenty
of redundancy.

Also, I know there isn't any support but other then the mailing lists,
are there any linux support specialists that can support pen.

Our need isn't as much for it being able to handle a great deal of
traffic, but more of the company wants to make sure they aren't tied to
keeping me around to support pen :)

any help is greatly appreciated and feel free to contact me directly
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