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From: jeanpierre.decorps <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 13:03:01 +0100


We have some trouble with pen. Nearly once a time each 24h pen does'nt
handle new connections. We have to restart it. We have a script (cron)
which run every five minutes and test the connection and restart pen as

But my boss does'nt want to loose 1 second of our trade process ...

I'm using pen release 0.17.2

My command line is :

/usr/bin/pen -j /home/pen -p / -u pen -W -r -H -S

In a recent thread you answer to me :

"Most likely, pen had blacklisted all the servers for whatever

So why pen doesn't remove blacklisted servers after 30s (default value)
if it's the case ?

In fact it seems that none of them are blacklisted (because my servers
are up when i test them bypassing pen).

I'm very confused, and i don't understand what happens.

Can you help me ?

J.P. Decorps

PS : Sorry for my english spoken
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