Difference between "-c" and "-x"

From: Roberto Suarez Soto <robe_at_allenta.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 10:59:31 +0100


        I think I don't fully grasp the difference between "-c" (max. number of
clients) and "-x" (max. number of connections), and I'd like to confirm here
just to be sure. We're having troubles with pen at one customer, and I think
maybe I'm not understanding correctly how they work.

        "Max. number of clients" (-c) should be the maximum number of different IPs
that can connect to pen. So if I have "-c 2", and two clients connected, the
the third will be dropped.

        "Max. number of connections" (-x) should be the maximum number of connections
allowed ... per client? Or per server? In the former case, using "-x 5", a
client that tries to establish a sixth connection will be denied, and will
have to close one of the ones he has before establishing a new one. But in
the latter case, it would mean that the real number of simultaneous
connections that pen would allow will be the number of servers multiplied by
the number of connections (-x), with independence of how many clients you're
allowing with "-c".

        I'm a bit confused with this (and hope not to have confused you too with my
theories). Could someone shed some light on this, please? Thanks in
advance :-)

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