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KSiag Beta1 for KDE1.0 available

KSiag 3.0.6beta1 for KDE1.0 is now available. KSiag is the KDE version of the
Siag spreadsheet engine. Siag supports all the features expected in a modern
spreadsheet such as sorting, 3D chart generation, and forms. The KDE version
provides various (but compatible) extensions such as online help wizards, full
KDE integration, and an improved interface.

KSiag is available for http://www.jorsm.com/~mosfet/ksiag/ksiag.html

and eventually:

New in this version:
* Now builds with KDE 1.0. No CVS development code is required.
* Much faster spreadsheet widget.
* The "C" like expression language used by other spreadsheets is now the
* A1 style references are now the default.
* Plugin and inline image support.
* Forms support.
* An online tutorial wizard.