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Re: Compiling siag with guile 1.3

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Yann Dirson wrote:

> Compiling siag 3.0.6 against guile 1.3 (at least on my Debian pre2.1
> box) requires to link against libqthreads.

Not on my Slackware 3.x (Intel) or Red Hat 4.2 (Sparc) boxes. Both of
those use the old libc.

> One must then use something like the following in topdir.mk:
> GUILELIB = -lguile -lqthreads
> Yann -- feeling more and more the need for autoconf support, but not
> yet ready to commit to implement it :(

I agree! I would do it myself it I could find a simple Xt program that
uses autoconf, so I had something to start off from. So far the only one
I've found is Xterm, and that is *not* simple.