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Re: siag X binaries linked with ncurses ?

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Yann Dirson wrote:

> tsiag 3.0.3 compiled with siag 3.0.6 does not work much: no reaction
> if I hit any arrow, or ^N, ^F, or =.
> ^X^C does exit though.
> No problem with xsiag in the same configuration.
> Any idea ?

Yes, this is the same version skew as with gsiag. Tsiag 3.0.3 compiled
with siag 3.0.3 works fine. I'm not putting any effort into 3.0 right now,
getting 3.1 stable is more important.

The main difference, and what is causing the problems with mixed versions,
is that 3.0.6 has submenus. I hacked something up to allow tsiag and gsiag
to work with 3.0.6. New archives in the usual place.