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Re: Autoconf

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Ulric Eriksson wrote:

> Siag is now converted to autoconf and the change checked into CVS, so it
> will go into any future releases.
> The CVS tree seems pretty stable now, so I took the opportunity to crank
> out another beta, appropriately called siag-3.1.0beta2.tar.gz and located
> in ftp://siag.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/. The only change besides
> microscopic bugfixes is the autoconf stuff, so this is only for those
> interested in that particular area of development.
> It "works", i.e. configures, compiles and appears to run on these
> platforms:
>  - Sparc, Solaris 2.5.1, X11R6, GCC
>  - Sparc, Solaris 2.5.1, X11R5, Sun's compiler
>  - Sparc, Linux, X11R6, GCC
>  - Intel, Linux, X11R6, EGCS, old libc
>  - Intel, Linux, X11R6, GCC, new libc
> That's all I have, except for the Mklinux box which somebody seems to have
> rebooted into toaster mode.

And Mklinux seems to be fine too, now that it's "up" again.