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Re: Different fonts in pw

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Henk wrote:

> Is it possible to use custom fonts in pw? I mean for language support. I
> tried adding a font to fonts.scm but it crashed pw so that was not the
> way, or rather: I hadn't a clue what I was doing...

Well, that's what the file is there for. There are ways to do it wrong,

 - Don't add stuff at the top. The format code expects to find the
   original four fonts there.

 - Check the spelling.

 - Make sure that the font actually exists on your system.

 - Check the type and number of arguments.

For example, I just added DEC Terminal by typing:

(register-x-font "DEC Terminal"

right after Zapf Dingbats.

Postscript fonts are added in a similar way. There must be matching X and
PS fonts with the same name for printing to behave predictably.