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Re: The usual newbie help question

On Feb 22, 1999, Ulric Eriksson wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Howard Arons wrote:
> >              [...]                      I can't open the online Help 
> > docs, not even the 'About SIAG' or GNU License. Without any 
> > documentation, I'm lost. I must be missing something, but what?
> Netscape, perhaps? By default Siag tries to use Netscape as help browser.
> You can use another browser by setting the environment variable SIAGHELP,
> like this:
> SIAGHELP="xterm -e lynx"
> export SIAGHELP

OK, that works for lynx. However, I /do/ have Netscape. I tried using 
the script 'siaghelp' copied to /usr/local/bin, but nothing happens. I 
added the complete path for netscape to siaghelp, still nothing. I 
/had/ set SIAGHELP=siaghelp. Is the use of netscape broken?

Second item: Attempts to launch Spell Check causes a segfault. Does it 
depend on ispell or something like it?

Third item: Once cells are blocked in siag, I can't figure out how to 
unblock them; likewise for blocked text in pw.

Fourth item: Can I use TrueType fonts with siag/pw? I have the TT 
fontserver xfstt running.

I like the look of siag, but with this much hassle just to get started, 
I have to wonder if siag isn't a "hobby class" app. No flame intended, 
just a perception from a siag newbie and Linux 8 month veteran :-)

Howard Arons
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