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new install: 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but I want spreadsheet

I just installed siag 3.1.6 from source on a RedHat 5.2 system.  I'd upgraded gnuplot to 3.7 but otherwise I'm using standard RH: guile 1.2, Xaw3D 1.3.  (I understand the new versions are 1.3 and 1.5, respectively).
 Pathetic Writer and Egon both seem to work swimmingly. 
However, Siag the spreadsheet has a problem. It won't graph properly.  I select a block of data points and click on the graph menu, and I get a 'gv' display of a *.ps file which shows me a grid, the bottom axis of which always says 0-1 regardless of what I select for X axis. 
Do I need to change my libraries, my compile options, or my version of siag to get this all to work?  The word processor is the important one of the three for me, but a spreadsheet comes in second over Egon.
Thanks in advance.