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missing menus in 3.1.21 and 3.2.0


I've just tried to compile 3.2.0 and have encountered the following problem.
Although the compile succeeds, on runnig siag, pw, or egon, the items on the
menu bar are missing. that is, the tear-orr bar is there, but there are no
menu titles and nothing happens when clicking where the titles should be. 

The  surprising thing is that this also happens when I install 3.1.21 from
the binary distribution.

My system is Redhat 6.1 with lots of additions. I have t1lib installed
(can't remember if it was from a rpm or not...)

There are a couple of other minor issues as well, so here's my actual

1. Does anybody know why my menus are blank? And can anybody sugget a fix?

2. I have set up a t1lib.config file that lists a heap of fonts (the
"freeqare" type 1 font collection) and although this gets rid of the error
message about "FontDataBase," the fonts do not appear in the font selector.
Any suggestions?

3. I have looked at gsiag (3.0.6) and it seems that this package is not
usable under later siag version. Is there an up-to-date gtk+ front end for
siag? If not, I might have a go at doing one, if someone can tell me what
files I need to re-write (windows.c at least...)

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Allie