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Re: Xaw3d -> neXtaw

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Nerijus wrote:

> neXtaw is a modified version of the Athena Widgets with a N*XTSTEP
> appearance. It is based on the Xaw3d 1.5 library.
> I tried to run siag with it instead of Xaw3d and it worked. I think it is
> worth mentioning in README. I couldn't reach web page, so I found
> neXtaw-0.8.tar.gz with ftpsearch.

All of the custom widgets are subclassed directly from Intrinsic widgets,
so any reasonably Athena compatible widget set should work.

It isn't mentioned because it is so easy to make a mess of it unless you
are careful with the app-defaults. This way, people who tinker are also
expected to figure out any problems.

And of course, this way there is less risk that anyone will use plain
Athena widgets. Which will also work, but look awful.

I have toyed with a few Xaw3d relatives, see
ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/unix/Xaw3d/ for some that may have worked
at one time. See also Ed Falk's widget survey at
http://www.best.com/~falconer/Widgets/. He has also developed yet another
Xaw3d ripoff, which is IMHO the best of the bunch.