pen and high loads

From: Joćo Paulo Vasconcellos (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 22:16:06 CEST


  I run a web site with an average load, that in special dates get a boost in
traffic. We have 3 web servers load balanced by pen, and in Valentine's Day,
my site got very slow. I tried to access each web server directly, instead of
going thru the load balance and I got the pages very fast ( about 20 sec. ),
while the same pages thru the load balance got 1 ~ 2 minutes to download. I
was having 300 ~ 400 simultaneous connections, according to pen, while the
limit I set was of 2048 clients. Anybody knows if pen does not handle well
more than 200 connections at a time, or if it is something concerning the OS ?

I run pen in a celeron 500, with 32MB RAM with Debian potato and compiled pen
with gcc 2.95.2.

The bottleneck wasn't RAM, because I got 4~8 MB of Free RAM, and my swap was
100% free.

Thanks in advance,

Joćo Paulo Vasconcellos
Gerente de Tecnologia - NetCard
Tel. 21 3852-9008 Ramal 31

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