Re: Pen and clients behind Proxy

From: Neil Mooney (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 12:28:18 CEST


> Hi,
> I have setup pen on my linux server to load balance between three
> apache web servers. The majority of my clients access the internet
> through their corporate Proxy and as such appear to come from ONE IP
> address.
> So, if they have a hundred users on their LAN who access my web site
> they all appear to come from one IP address and PEN in turn redirects
> all those connections from that one IP address to one web server for
> I want to be able to load balance those connections from that one iP
> addess to multiple web servers whilst maintaining session state. Is
> that possible ?.
> The majority, if not all of my clients have the same setup. I would
> appreciate your input as this is becomming a major issue for me.
> Some one said " Dont get The HUMP, Get The HEMP" . It aint workin
> people :)
> Thank you,
> Kaz,
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As far as i have read , thats not going to be possible.
I dont believe theres a fix for your issue, tho i am sure Ulrich will
correct me if i am wrong



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