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It depends on what type of application server you are using.
IIS/ASP will maintain their session information in the memory of the webserver, so sessions can't exist across multiple servers.
IIS/PHP and Apache/PHP will maintain their session information in a database, so you can access sessions across multiple servers.
I believe that Pen has the capability to not associate an IP with a webserver (most people call this capability "stickyness"; obviously you would want "un-stickyness" to prevent the load balancer from making the association). If your webserver stores session data in a database, then you should be able to do what you're asking. This is strictly speaking from a webserver perspective; I haven't fully examined the Pen man page (although I'm pretty sure that you can do this with pen).
Hope that helps.
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I have setup pen on my linux server to load balance between three apache web servers. The majority of my clients access the internet through their corporate Proxy and as such appear to come from ONE IP address.
So, if they have a hundred users on their LAN who access my web site they all appear to come from one IP address and PEN in turn redirects all those connections from that one IP address to one web server for HTTPS.
I want to be able to load balance those connections from that one iP addess to multiple web servers whilst maintaining session state. Is that possible ?.
The majority, if not all of my clients have the same setup. I would appreciate your input as this is becomming a major issue for me.
Some one said " Dont get The HUMP, Get The HEMP" . It aint workin people :)
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