RES: Penlogd not responding to TERM and HUP signals (thanks)

From: Diego Francisco de Gastal Morales (
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 01:08:57 CEST

Installed 0.11.1
The HUP and TERM signals work fine now. (with a ~ "Error: interrupted system call" message popping out, but they do work)

Thank you.

I wonder if is it a good idea to use penlogd in a heavy loaded site. Our site gets 200K hits in peak hours. If I balance between two or three machines, won't recvfrom leave the apache log mecanism waiting (too long)? Is 200K hits/hour (~60 per/second) too much for penlogd to log? I think it will be safer leaving on disk and merging them after.



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> On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Diego Francisco de Gastal Morales wrote:
> > The man page for penlogd says it will flush to the logfile if I kill
> > -HUP it (or -TERM and then exit). But that's not happening
> for me. It
> > does not write the log, nor exit.
> >
> > It does respond to kill -9, but then (as expected) it does not write
> > the logfile.
> > It's a Freebsd 5.1 machine, pen 0.11.0. But the same occurs
> on my linux
> > machine.
> >
> > Is it a known bug?
> It's not really a bug, it just doesn't work exactly as advertised. ;-)
> Since it's not safe for the signal handlers to do anything
> useful, they
> just set flags for things that will be done in the next pass
> through the
> main loop. But since penlogd sits blocking in recvfrom, that
> won't happen
> until it receives its next udp message. That doesn't matter for a busy
> site because the call won't block for long, but it's probably
> annoying if
> you just want to test flushing the logfile.
> One might wonder why recvfrom doesn't return when it is
> interrupted by the
> signal. Well, that's just how it is.
> I have uploaded a new penlogd.c to the usual place. It uses
> posix style
> signals, which allows this kind of legacy silliness to be
> disabled. If you
> try it out on your bsd system and it seems to work, we can
> just switch to
> that instead.
> Ulric

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