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The Mowitz Library

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This is the Mowitz ("More widgets") library.

The project's goal is to create a library of widgets for X applications to use. The widgets have been snarfed from various sources and are all open source (GPL or MIT licenses).

Download source!

Change log

Freshmeat project page

Available widgets

  • Animator
  • Canvas
  • Check
  • Combo
  • Frame
  • Handle
  • Image
  • ListTree
  • Notebook
  • Richtext
  • Rudegrid
  • Ruler
  • Slider
  • Spinner
  • Tabbing
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • TextField
  • Tooltip
  • VSlider
And a complete menu kit.

The original reason for creating this library is that the Athena widget set lacks a lot of widgets that would be useful, and many of the existing widgets leave a lot to be desired in appearance and behaviour.


All external symbols are prefixed with "Mw" in order to avoid name space clashes with other libraries. So for example, the spinner widget is called MwSpinner.

Applications using Mowitz

Since most of these widgets were previously distributed with Siag Office, it is natural that the latest release of that package uses (and requires) the Mowitz library.

The web browser Kylie uses Mowitz. Screenshot

Many existing X applications can be trivially updated to use the widgets in the Mowitz library.

Utility routines

In addition to the widgets themselves, Mowitz includes several utility functions that are used within the library, but useful to application writers as well. The functionality includes:
  • Loading and caching pixmaps
  • Allocating and caching pixel values

Mowitz la carte

It is possible to pick and choose among the widgets within Mowitz. Normally there is no reason to do so, but it can be a way to add a single widget to an application without having to depend on another library. It can also be a way to avoid licensing issues.

To do this, copy the MwUtils.c and MwUtils.h files to the application, plus the files for the widget. All widgets use the routines in MwUtils, so it must always be included.

Some widgets are subclassed from other widgets in the library. The Handle widget, for example, is subclassed from Frame. In that case, both widgets must be included.

Widget hierarchy

Names in brackets are Intrinsic widgets, not part of Mowitz.
  |  |-LabelME
  |  |  |-CheckME
  |  |  |-MBButton
  |  |  `-SubME
  |  `-LineME
  |  `-SButton
  |     `-Button
  |        `-MenuButton
  |   |-Animator
  |   |-BaseComp
  |   |-[Constraint]
  |   |   |-BaseConst
  |   |   |   |-Row
  |   |   |   `-MenuBar
  |   |   |-Rudegrid
  |   |   |  `-Filesel
  |   |   `-Tabs
  |   |-Frame
  |   |  |-Combo
  |   |  |-Handle
  |   |  `-Spinner
  |   |-Richtext
  |   |-[Shell]
  |   |   `-[OverrideShell]
  |   |       |-Menu
  |   |       |-PopText
  |   |       `-Tooltip
  |   `-Table
  |  `-VSlider


Ondrejicka Stefan: Menus
Edward A. Falk: Frame, Ruler, Slider, VSlider, Tabs
Robert W. McMullen: ListTree, TextField
Ulric Eriksson: Animator, Canvas, Check, Combo, Filesel, Handle, Image, Notebook, Richtext, Rudegrid, Spinner, Tabbing, Table, Tabs, Tabstop, Tooltip

I am Ulric Eriksson,

More stuff

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Ulric Eriksson - August 2007 -

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